A COVID-19 Update From Our President – December 2021:

December 2021

Dear Members,

From the 4th wave to the Omicron variant to what’s next. We observe from history that some epidemics took 4 years to run their course. Perhaps we need to resign to the notation that COVID-19 and its variants may be with us for a while yet.

As an essential service, we are committed to continue operations with caution, practicing pandemic protocols proven to reduce the spread of the virus. While our offices remain open, we do prefer that if you do need to come in that you call in advance.

We are now in the Advent of the Christmas which is fast approaching. We want to extend to you our best wishes for a restful, safe and healthy holiday time.

Our offices will be closed on Christmas Eve, Friday December 24th and reopen on Wednesday December 29th. Offices will be closed again on December 31st and reopen on Tuesday January 4, 2022. Please note that the After Hours Claims Service is available during these periods that the offices are closed. This can be accessed by calling in to 1-800-263-9987.

South Easthope Mutual is also in the season of its 150th Anniversary. The organizational meeting was conducted on October 6, 1871, electing the first Board of Directors. On December 28, 1871 another meeting was held where 92 members signed up committing to the insurance scheme. The premium commitment was at a rate of 5% of the total amount of fire insurance the person had subscribed for.

COVID-19 also squashed any plans to host any celebratory gathering. As an alternative, a ‘member’ refund cheque of $150 was issued to acknowledge the 150th anniversary. This ‘member’ refund was determined by the ‘member number’ and not by policy or persons (a member number may hold more than one policy and more than one person).

We were in awe by the numerous calls, emails, cards and letters that we received from members in appreciation for including members in the anniversary celebration. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.

Season’s Greetings and Happy Anniversary!

With warmest regards during these seasons,

Frank A. Rider, CIP