A COVID-19 Update From Our President – March 2021

Dear Policyholder Members,

With the unknowns about a third wave of the pandemic, we continue to operate under the same restrictive measures as we have done over the past year.

Again, we apologize if any of these measures are causing you any inconvenience. Contacting your agent or broker by telephone is still the safest way to provide you service.

By now, members should have received a copy of the Annual Report in the mail. The report describes member refunds that were approved, based on results of 2020.

The pandemic has also affected the timing and format of our annual meeting. This year, our annual meeting will be conducted virtually on Friday March 19, 2021.

With the restrictions on public gatherings, the virtual format is permitted by the COVID -19 Response and Reforms Act 2020 amendment to the Corporations Act.

A bit more 150th Anniversary trivia. Until about 1884, the annual meeting was conducted at the Kaufmann Hotel in Sebastopol (today – the northern edge of Tavistock). After 1884, the annual meeting has been held in Tavistock. Up until 2010, the meeting was always held in February.

Details on joining the virtual annual meeting were communicated to members in the Annual Report sent out the first week in March.

Thank you for your patience and for your support of South Easthope Mutual.


Frank A. Rider, CIP