South Easthope Mutual Insurance Company – 150 years in 2021

Between 1838 and 1910 – there were over 125 mutual insurance companies established in Ontario. South Easthope was one of 2 farmer’s mutual fire insurance companies established in 1871. It is the 8th oldest of the 37 remaining provincially licensed farm mutuals in Ontario. Read the full article here.

A COVID-19 Update From Our President – December 2021:

December 2021 Dear Members, From the 4th wave to the Omicron variant to what’s next. We observe from history that some epidemics took 4 years to run their course. Perhaps we need to resign to the notation that COVID-19 and its variants may be with us for a while yet. As an essential service, we […]

A COVID-19 Update From Our President – July 2021:

July 2021 Dear Policyholder Members, With more people getting vaccinated and Ontario moving to Step 3 of the provincial Roadmap to Reopen we feel able to safely open our offices to the public by appointment. Physical distancing, wearing of masks and limiting the length of the visit will apply. As staff continue to work between […]

It’s Barbecue Season!

The weather’s perfect and the thought of steak or burgers on the barbecue leaves your mouth watering. You’ve got the perfect cut of meat, rubs, sauces and tools to make a great meal, but have you thought about the barbecue safety tips to keep you safe to enjoy the meal? The biggest risk of fire […]

My Tree, My Problem?

Trees, they add beauty and give shade, but they also bring up popular questions for our agents and brokers – “What happens if my tree falls onto my neighbour’s house? What happens if the neighbour’s tree falls onto my house?” For most, the answer is simple. If your tree falls onto your neighbour’s house, your […]

Lance Russwurm Paintings of Tavistock

Did you ever walk by our old office, look into the showroom with the firetruck, see some large paintings of downtown Tavistock and wonder why we had them? In 1998, the Village of Tavistock was celebrating its 150th Anniversary. As a way to celebrate our community, the Board of Directors of South Easthope Mutual commissioned […]

Extension cords: safety first!

Extension cords can be a necessary tool for temporary power. They key word in the previous sentence was ‘temporary’. All too often, items are plugged in temporarily with the best intentions to update wiring. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen causing potential fire risks. We’ve seen fires caused by the unsafe use of extension cords. Some common […]

Downtown Tavistock Sidewalk Days

The sun shone brightly as South Easthope Mutual staff participated in the Tavistock Sidewalk Day on June 3. The event was held in conjunction with the town’s annual World Crokinole Championship and town wide garage sales. We had several activities going on for the public to participate in including a fire safety house operated by […]