Broomsticks or Stick Shifts: Stay Safe This Halloween

Whether you’re driving a broomstick or a stick shift (or automatic 🙂 ) this Halloween, we hope all ghosts, witches and princesses arrive home safely to sort, trade and eat their candy.  Following some of many simple safety tips should help everyone to enjoy their night.

For broomstick drivers:

  • Costumes should be light coloured and include reflective strips so they can be seen in the dark spooky night.
  • Remind your trick-or-treaters to stay away from candles and open flames. (costumes can be extremely flammable)
  • Remind children to walk, slither, sneak or drive their broomstick on the sidewalk, not in the street.
  • Remind ghosts to look both ways before crossing the street to check for cars, trucks and low-flying brooms.
  • Use a flashlight to see better and be seen while out trick-or-treating.

For stick shift/automatic drivers and home owners:

  • Consider using a flashlight or battery operated candle in your jack-o-lanterns. With no open flame, there is less chance of something catching fire.
  • Light up your porch to help avoid trick-or-treaters tripping and being injured.
  • Drive slowly around parked cars on the street. Superheros or brooms could come flying out into your path in their Halloween excitement.
  • Make sure to use your turning signals so others know what your vehicle is doing.


Everyone at South Easthope Mutual wishes you and your little goblins a spooky and safe Halloween!

Many of the above tips were from the Canadian Red Cross. For more, visit

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