Camper Trailer Insurance – What you need to know

Do you take part in one of the quintessential Canadian summer activities? – Heading out with the family and your camper trailer to provincial parks and campgrounds? They provide awesome opportunities to spend time with family and friends while enjoying the great outdoors.
The upcoming camping season got us thinking – Do you know about insuring your camper trailer? The type of insurance needed differs on how you use it – whether it’s a travel trailer or permanently installed.

Travel Trailers
If you’re towing a tent trailer, hardtop, hybrid or fifth wheel that you may take to several parks in a season, and it’s not permanently parked for the season you’ve probably got what we consider a travel trailer.

Travel trailers are insured under your Auto Insurance Policy. If you call to let us know you have purchased one, we would add it to your existing auto policy.

Just like a car or truck, you would need to decide the types of coverage you want on the trailer for Loss or Damage. Comprehensive coverage typically covers your trailer against fire, theft, falling objects, vandalism and hail damage to name a few. Collision would usually cover damage to your trailer if it is hit by another auto or an object on the ground. Comprehensive and collision are optional, but if you want to be covered, you probably want them.

Liability is the mandatory coverage that you must carry on all automobiles. The liability coverage on your trailer is the same as the vehicle that is towing it. When unhitched from the vehicle for the weekend or holiday at the campground or sitting in your yard at home, liability coverage for an issue involving the trailer would still go to your auto policy. Whatever limit you have for your automobile would follow to the trailer.

Permanently Parked Trailers
Permanently parked trailers stay on the same site for the season or all throughout the year and need to be insured differently.

When parking your trailer permanently, advise your agent of this. They will list the trailer on your Residential Policy. Any eligible Property or Liability claims would go through that policy.

If you decide to bring the trailer home or move it, please notify your agent as at this point, it should be insured on an auto policy. They will need to change your coverage

Ontario has fantastic provincial parks and campgrounds that provide wonderful places for getaways with your trailer. Ontario Parks is celebrating 125 years. What a perfect time to check one out. We hope you enjoy time away camping this season, but please ensure you have the proper insurance coverage for your situation. That way, you can relax with peace of mind.

If you’re ever in doubt about coverages, or have questions, it’s always best to contact your insurance agent or broker. We are here to help.

*Always refer to your Insurance Policy and the wordings for full details on your coverages and limits.

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