Seasonal vehicles and winter storage

Seasonal vehicles; camper trailers, motor homes and cars, they’re all used for summer fun, but are often stored in the winter. Some townships in our area even have by-laws that prohibit camper trailers from sitting in driveways through the winter season. People may choose to store seasonal vehicles outside in secured storage facilities while others […]

Farm Insurance Coverages to Consider

South Easthope Mutual was originally organized and founded by farmers in 1871. They came together to form the company to mutually protect their property from fire. Everyone shared in the risk. Farms are now considered businesses and have certainly evolved in the last century and a half, as have the insurance products developed for farms. […]

Tenant’s Insurance – ‘Why do I need it?’

Every now and again, we hear in the news about fires or broken water pipes affecting apartment buildings and rental units. Tenants can be forced out for a period of time while their unit is being repaired. Sometimes units are completely destroyed, including all of the tenant’s belongings. It may be hard to believe, but […]

Small Home-Based Business Insurance

Do you have a talent or a passion that you’ve turned into a small business you operate out of your home? Or perhaps you run a small business on the side selling something like kitchen containers or clothing. Maybe you are considering starting one because you’ve always wanted to be your own boss, to earn […]

Camper Trailer Insurance – What you need to know

Do you take part in one of the quintessential Canadian summer activities? – Heading out with the family and your camper trailer to provincial parks and campgrounds? They provide awesome opportunities to spend time with family and friends while enjoying the great outdoors. The upcoming camping season got us thinking – Do you know about […]

Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value – What’s the difference?

Part 2: You’ve had a claim. (In Part 1 of our ‘Claims’ series, we discussed the claims process.) Now you’re at the point of settling the claim with your insurance company. They may have offered you a choice of Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value for your settlement.* And you wonder, what’s the difference and […]

I Think I Have a Property Claim…What’s Next?

Part 1: The Claims Process A pipe has burst and things are floating in your basement. Or you’ve come home to find your house has been broken into and things are missing. You might have an insurance claim. What happens next? The first step is to call your insurance company. If you’re a member of […]

Moving away to school…Is my student covered?

  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!’ The popular words from a well-known Christmas recording have become almost as well known for its use in a TV commercial for an office supply store in their back to school promotions. It shows the over-joyed, over-excited dad followed by his moping children who clearly have […]

Insurance for Home Daycares

The thought has maybe crossed your mind before…would I like to open a home daycare? Maybe it’s so you can stay home with your kids, but need to earn some extra money, you have early child education training and want to try something different, you want to own a business or simply have a passion […]

My Tree, My Problem?

Trees, they add beauty and give shade, but they also bring up popular questions for our agents and brokers – “What happens if my tree falls onto my neighbour’s house? What happens if the neighbour’s tree falls onto my house?” For most, the answer is simple. If your tree falls onto your neighbour’s house, your […]