Look. Listen. Learn. – Fire Prevention Week 2018

The second week of October brings us Fire Prevention Week. A time where we are reminded to be aware and extra vigilant about fire safety. This year’s theme is ‘Look. Listen. Learn. Be Aware. Fire can happen anywhere.’ Annually, the Office of the Fire Marshall and Emergency Management provides theme-specific tips that are easy and […]

‘I’ve had an Auto Accident. What next?’

You’re driving to work and you have to brake for traffic. The driver behind you, (who was following too closely), rams the back of your car. The rear end of your car now has significant damage and you wonder what you should do next. Following are step by step instructions on what you should do […]

National Drowning Prevention Week

National Drowning Prevention Week (July 15-21, 2018) brings with it the stark statistics of loss of life. The Lifesaving Society tells us that approximately 500 Canadians die in preventable water-related incidents annually. Even one drowning is one too many. The Lifesaving Society has provided tips to promote for this year’s Drowning Prevention Week. ‘Watch me, […]

Protect Your Home While On Summer Vacation

School’s out for summer and the heat is calling you into vacation mode. Vacations should be a time to relax and get out of the ‘everyday grind’ for a while. The goal should be to keep that relaxed feeling for at least a few days after you return back to normal life. To help avoid […]

Barn Fires: What you need to know

It seems throughout the year, every couple of weeks we hear of another barn fire in the media. The often disastrous results can be tragic for farmers, especially if livestock, buildings or equipment are lost. The loss of income is detrimental for farms. Barn fires can also draw the attention of the general public who […]

Good driving habits that can reduce accidents and injuries

Summer driving season is here. Holidays, staycations and road trips; all reasons for extra time spent on the road and could make you more relaxed about your driving habits. You need to always be diligent when behind the wheel.  Here are some timely safety topics and tips to help get you from point A to […]

Emergency Preparedness Week 2018

Emergency Preparedness Week 2018 takes on the theme of ‘Prepare Your Selfie – Emergency preparedness starts with you’. When disaster strikes, first responders usually go to the worst hit areas first and may not get to you right away. You need to be prepared to survive for three days. Emergency Management Ontario recommends you Make […]

Windy Weather Tips

The storm from the weekend of April 14-15, 2018 brought wind, rain, freezing rain and sleet. It seemed like Mother Nature didn’t really know what she wanted to do! Either way, the storm downed many powerlines, trees and branches leaving many without power. Hydro and road crews were kept hopping. The strong winds got us […]

Spring cleaning tips to keep your home in good condition

The sun’s shining and robins are hopping from tree to tree. Have you got the itch to do spring cleaning? It’s more than an opportunity to get your windows sparkling again; it’s a chance to give your home a check-up, making sure every part is well-kept and running smoothly. Look for a small issue that […]

Canadian Agricultural Safety Week 2018

Picture this; a young girl spending hours in the tractor cab with her grandpa, going back and forth in the field. This image is not unusual across rural Canada where generations of farm families have been working together for years. This idyllic picture in your mind can also be the start of any number of […]