Combine Fire Prevention

Leaves have started to change, crops are drying down and Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show and the International Plowing Match are memories for another year. These are sure signs harvest is around the corner if you’ve not already started. Almost every year, the South Easthope Mutual claims team sees a combine fire. They usually result in a large claim and all members of the mutual share in this loss.

Time spent following these maintenance and  fire prevention tips will hopefully prevent a fire in your combine and help harvest go smoothly and safely.

  • Blow out the engine compartment and clean chaff and dust away from the engine and exhaust system. It can heat and ignite.
  • Check bearings and replace them if they are worn. If bearings are starting to fail they will get hot and could cause a fire.
  • Inspect belts, ensuring they have the proper tension and are not worn out. Belts that slip will get hot as well.
  • Go through the wiring and repair any bare or worn wiring to prevent shorts and sparking.
  • Check fuel and hydraulic lines making sure they are in good shape and not leaking or about to leak.
  • Always carry a 10 lb. ABC fire extinguisher on your combine. A 2 lb. extinguisher is useless on a piece of equipment the size of a combine.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our loss prevention or claims team. They are glad to help you. We wish you a safe harvest with high yields!

To see a combine on fire, click on this link to see a Youtube video.

Preventative maintenance and following fire prevention tips should help harvest go smoothly.



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