Harvest Road Safety

Beans are being harvested and corn silage is coming off. Grain corn will be right around the corner. Farmers and motorists both have the legal right to use the road and have to follow the law. They also both have the responsibility to make sure everyone gets home safely at the end of the day. The following tips for motorists and farmers should help everyone use the roads safely this season:

For motorists:

  • When you encounter slow moving equipment, please be patient and share the road.
  • Farm machinery must have Slow Moving Vehicle signs when they do not travel at highway speeds.  If you see one, slow down.
  • When driving at night, keep an eye out for reflectors, lights and slow moving vehicle signs on equipment. Sometimes they can appear out of nowhere.
  • Equipment makes wide and unexpected turns. Watch for turn signals.
  • Do not pass farm equipment unless you can clearly see ahead. Make sure the equipment is not making a left turn.
  • Look for roadside obstacles such as mailboxes, bridges, or road signs that may cause the machinery to move to the centre of the road.
  • Farm machinery operators may not be able to see you because the large equipment can block their rear view. If you can’t see the driver, they can’t see you.
  • Farm machinery can unexpectedly turn onto a public road from a field or driveway.


For farmers:

  • Harvest days are long, busy and stressful. Pay close attention to fatigue, drowsiness and illness. If you’re tired, take a break.
  • Ensure your tractor or implements have Slow Moving Vehicle signs and they’re visible. It’s the law!
  • Ensure all lights and reflectors are in place and in good working order according to the law. Many collisions happen at night when motorists can’t see you.
  • When turning, take an extra second to look for vehicles that could be trying to pass.
  • Signal turns.
  • Follow rules of the road.
  • If possible, take quiet roads and leave the busy ones for cars.
  • If towing implements or wagons, make sure they are properly attached including a safety chain.
  • NO SEAT! NO RIDER! It’s that simple.


Let’s all work together and make this harvest season one of the safest yet!


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