Lance Russwurm Paintings of Tavistock

Did you ever walk by our old office, look into the showroom with the firetruck, see some large paintings of downtown Tavistock and wonder why we had them?

In 1998, the Village of Tavistock was celebrating its 150th Anniversary. As a way to celebrate our community, the Board of Directors of South Easthope Mutual commissioned local artist Lance Russwurm to paint four scenes – three of Tavistock’s downtown and a local farm.

Numbered prints of each scene were made available to the public to purchase. All proceeds from the sale are donated to Muscular Dystrophy Canada.

If you are interested in a print to hang as a memory of Tavistock, please contact us at 1-800-263-9987.

The original paintings are now hung with pride in our new office.

The four Russwurm paintings found in the South Easthope Mutual office.

To learn more about local artist Lance Russwurm visit his website: