Insurance for Home Daycares

The thought has maybe crossed your mind before…would I like to open a home daycare? Maybe it’s so you can stay home with your kids, but need to earn some extra money, you have early child education training and want to try something different, you want to own a business or simply have a passion for children and a home daycare seems like the career of choice for you.

Whatever the reason, you need to make sure the business is protected by the proper insurance. Your regular homeowner’s policy will not adequately cover you.

You might ask, ‘what kind of insurance do I need’? Whether running a licensed or unlicensed daycare, you should consider liability coverage as well as property coverage for the equipment used in the daycare. These coverages can usually be added on to an existing homeowner’s package.

If you are considering opening a daycare, we recommend talking to a South Easthope Mutual agent or broker. They will ask you some questions and make recommendations on the best coverage that will fit your needs. Give them a call today!

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