Moving away to school…Is my student covered?


Moving off to school. Is my student covered for insurance?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!’ The popular words from a well-known Christmas recording have become almost as well known for its use in a TV commercial for an office supply store in their back to school promotions. It shows the over-joyed, over-excited dad followed by his moping children who clearly have no interest in getting ready to go back to school. (You can see the video here).

No matter how you or your kids feel about going back to school, now is the time for the preparation to begin.  University or college students who are moving into student housing need to think about insurance coverage for their property and liability.

If a student receives support from their parents and has the intention of returning home at the end of the year, their property and liability insurance needs can be covered through their parents’ policy. This needs to be added to the parents’ residential insurance policy as well as recording the address of where the student will be living. If there is a property claim, students are covered for a percentage of their parents’ personal property limit. Liability coverage would be the same amount that the parents have. THE KEY IS, PARENTS NEED TO CALL THEIR SOUTH EASTHOPE MUTUAL AGENT OR BROKER AND HAVE THEIR STUDENT’S LOCATION (dorm/residence or student housing) ADDED TO THE POLICY.

If parents don’t want to risk having a claim from their student on their policy, the student could take out a South Easthope Mutual tenants’ insurance package. This offers personal property and liability coverage in the student’s name. You can get an estimate on a South Easthope Mutual tenant’s package by clicking here.

As always if you have questions, please contact your South Easthope Mutual agent or broker. No matter what kind of coverage you choose, South Easthope Mutual’s directors, staff, agents and brokers hope that your student has a successful year and enjoys what many say is the most wonderful time of their life.

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