My Tree, My Problem?

Trees, they add beauty and give shade, but they also bring up popular questions for our agents and brokers – “What happens if my tree falls onto my neighbour’s house? What happens if the neighbour’s tree falls onto my house?”

For most, the answer is simple.

If your tree falls onto your neighbour’s house, your neighbour’s own insurance company will handle the claim. If your neighbour’s tree falls onto your house, your insurance company will handle the claim. The same can be said for other damaged property – vehicles, sheds, barns and fences.

Most likely the insurance companies involved will pay to move the tree off the building so damage can be assessed and restoration started. Often removing the tree does not include complete removal from the property, just enough to get access to the damage. It will be the responsibility of the homeowner whose property the fallen tree landed on to pay for the complete removal of the downed tree.

A time where you may be responsible if your tree lands on the neighbour’s home and causes damage is if you have received written notification from your neighbour informing you the tree should be taken down. If you have concerns about a neighbour’s tree, take photos and document your concerns with the neighbour.

Sometimes downed trees and damage are inevitable, but here are some tree loss prevention tips:

  • Proactive pruning and trimming can eliminate damaged, weakened and unhealthy branches before wind and other weather brings them down.
  • If you suspect a tree has become unhealthy, contact an arborist to diagnose the issue and make recommendations for treatment or repair.

Contact your South Easthope Mutual Insurance agent or broker to answer any of your tree liability questions. We are happy to help! If you have tree health questions, it is best to contact your local aborist.