National Drowning Prevention Week

National Drowning Prevention Week (July 15-21, 2018) brings with it the stark statistics of loss of life. The Lifesaving Society tells us that approximately 500 Canadians die in preventable water-related incidents annually. Even one drowning is one too many. The Lifesaving Society has provided tips to promote for this year’s Drowning Prevention Week.

‘Watch me, not your cellphone!’

Just like cellphones distract you while driving, they can draw attention away from your most valuable procession, your children. Put the phone down and supervise your children while around water. Live in the moment and take in seeing the joy swimming and water can bring your children. If you’re not within arm’s reach of your children in the water, you’re too far away.

Be Boat Smart and Boat Sober

Alcohol consumption is a factor in almost 40 per cent of boating related fatalities. It’s also illegal to drink and boat. Don’t do it.

Save Your Life or Someone Else’s

The Lifesaving Society notes that in most drownings, the victim never intended to go in the water and was often close to safety. If you experienced a sudden and unexpected fall in the water, would you survive? The Society recommends that you take a Learn to Swim to Survive® class.

If someone fell in the water or injured themselves around you, would you know how to come to their aid? Why not consider taking a first aid, CPR or lifesaving class.

Be a Wise Person

You may be the older person, but not always the wiser person. Set an example for younger people. Always wear a lifejacket or PFD when you’re in a boat.  The concept is really quite simple.

Everyone in the boat needs to wear a PFD or lifejacket, even adults.

Water activities and sports provide a tremendous amount of entertainment for people throughout the year. Please be proactive and make water safety part of your plan every day, so you can always come back and enjoy it.

The above water safety tips are from The Lifesaving Society. For more, visit

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