Protect Your Home While on Winter Vacation

Its cold out there and the idea of heading to warmer climates appeals to many. Whether you book a trip to the sunny south or a weekend away skiing, please remember to protect your home. It’s no different than buying sunscreen to protect your skin. The following are some tips to keep in mind before you lock your door and pull out of the driveway to protect your property.

Prevent Your Pipes from Freezing
You may be tempted to turn the heat down, lock the door and leave. This isn’t a good idea. The outside temperature could drop, your furnace could quit and eventually your water pipes could freeze. You may come home to a real problem. Some preparation can go a long way.
To avoid frozen pipes, either shut your water off at the main valve and drain the lines, or ask a neighbor to inspect your house daily to ensure the heat is on. In fact, your insurance policy will most likely require that if you are away for more than four consecutive days, you must make arrangements for a competent person to inspect your home daily.

Home Security
• Lock your doors. And hide your spare key in an unusual place. (Not under the door mat or flowerpot)
• Install timers on lights turning them on and off at different times in the evening.
• Ask someone to clean the snow off your porch and laneway and pick up your mail/newspaper. This will help make it like someone is home. It also reduces chances someone may slip if they came to your door.
• Post your vacation photos on social media when you get home. If you post them while away, it broadcasts to the whole world that you’re on vacation and your house is potentially empty. A quick Google search and burglars can find your home address and do their thing. Also, don’t post about going away prior to leaving. • Secure your valuables. If you have a safety deposit box, place them there.
• Ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your place.
If a burglar really wants to get in and cause trouble they will. Do all you can to not bring attention to the fact that you’re away, secure your property and hopefully you’ll come back to the house the same way you left it.

We hope you enjoy a well-earned vacation this winter!

Wait until you are home before posting your amazing vacation photos.
Looking like you’ve never left is key. Have someone clean snow from your property while away.


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