Seasonal vehicles and winter storage

Seasonal vehicles; camper trailers, motor homes and cars, they’re all used for summer fun, but are often stored in the winter. Some townships in our area even have by-laws that prohibit camper trailers from sitting in driveways through the winter season.

People may choose to store seasonal vehicles outside in secured storage facilities while others may rent space in an indoor facility. If you are storing your vehicle in one of these facilities, they will most likely require you to have a minimum of comprehensive insurance coverage on cars/trucks and motorhomes. Camper trailers keep all coverages on them throughout the winter.

Some farmers may choose to store vehicles in excess barn/shed space to make extra income through the winter. Those farmers need to talk to their South Easthope Mutual agent or broker. We offer a specific coverage for this. In fact, if a farmer has not reported this extra business happening on their farm, it is possible a claim could be denied.

Winter storage and seasonal vehicle coverage can bring up a lot of questions. We recommend giving your South Easthope Mutual agent or broker a call to answer any questions you have and to make sure you are properly insured.


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