Our Response to COVID-19

We are working diligently to better understand and respond to the unusual circumstances you may be facing during this pandemic.

We are here for our Members

Although our offices are closed, we remain fully operational. We encourage the use of phone calls and digital forms of communication wherever possible, however, we remain safely able to process mail, issue cheques and print policies.

We offer flexible payment options

We will continue to work with members in an effort to find alternate arrangements for those are experiencing difficulties with payment of premium due to COVID-19. Please contact your agent of broker to discuss your options.

We may be able to apply premium reductions if you are using your vehicle less

Your vehicle usage might have changed (i.e. no longer commuting to/using vehicle for work, one or more vehicle(s) are parked and not being used at all). Please speak with your Agent or Broker if this is the case.  Notifying us of vehicle usage changes may generate a temporary premium reduction for you.

Our claims team is here for you

Our Adjusters are not going out to meet with policyholder members unless absolutely essential to do so, however our dedicated claims staff are ensuring that your claims are being handled in a timely manner.

Thank you for your Understanding

South Easthope Mutual is continually reassessing and adapting our procedures to adhere to the latest expert recommendations. Thank you for your kind understanding as we navigate this. As always, we are working together towards a stronger future.

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