Harvest Road Safety

Beans are being harvested and corn silage is coming off. Grain corn will be right around the corner. Farmers and motorists both have the legal right to use the road and have to follow the law. They also both have the responsibility to make sure everyone gets home safely at the end of the day. […]

Combine Fire Prevention

Leaves have started to change, crops are drying down and Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show and the International Plowing Match are memories for another year. These are sure signs harvest is around the corner if you’ve not already started. Almost every year, the South Easthope Mutual claims team sees a combine fire. They usually result in […]

100 IPMs Strong

Near the small town of Walton in Huron County, the country will come alive with the rural event known as the International Plowing Match & Rural Expo, Sept 19-23. To host and celebrate the 100th match this year, volunteers have dedicated thousands of hours to making this event a success. You may wonder, how and […]

Fall fairs – A part of our rural communities

It’s fall fair season. Do you have plans to attend one in your area?  Do you know why fairs started in the first place and their purpose? Fall fairs are run by local agricultural societies. Much like mutual insurance companies, agricultural societies have been part of the fabric of rural Ontario and Canada since well […]

Moving away to school…Is my student covered?

  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!’ The popular words from a well-known Christmas recording have become almost as well known for its use in a TV commercial for an office supply store in their back to school promotions. It shows the over-joyed, over-excited dad followed by his moping children who clearly have […]

7 Vehicles 7 Trips

7 trips with 7 vehicles –  We have some more trip ideas and hope you find these suggestions helpful. You still have a month of summer left to relax and refresh. We hope you are able to get away! Car – Take a 3-day 2-night South Coast Road Trip along Lake Erie touring our southwest coast, […]

7 Ways to Prevent Basement Flooding

The one in 100 year storms that drop copious amounts of water in a short period of time seem to be happening much more often. They  wreak havoc for homeowners. The sudden deluges of water are flooding basements and cause expensive damage. The South Easthope Mutual claims team has offered some tips to help avoid […]

National Drowning Prevention Week

We’ve all heard the tragic news, 2017 is proving to be an unfortunately high year for drownings in Ontario. Often these deaths are completely preventable. July 16-22 is National Drowning Prevention Week in Canada. Annually, approximately 500 Canadians die in preventable water-related incidents. Even one life lost is one too many. The drowning risk is […]

Lance Russwurm Paintings of Tavistock

Did you ever walk by our old office, look into the showroom with the firetruck, see some large paintings of downtown Tavistock and wonder why we had them? In 1998, the Village of Tavistock was celebrating its 150th Anniversary. As a way to celebrate our community, the Board of Directors of South Easthope Mutual commissioned […]

Downtown Tavistock Sidewalk Days

The sun shone brightly as South Easthope Mutual staff participated in the Tavistock Sidewalk Day on June 3. The event was held in conjunction with the town’s annual World Crokinole Championship and town wide garage sales. We had several activities going on for the public to participate in including a fire safety house operated by […]