Summer Road Trip Essential Stops

Essential Stops for Your Summer Road Trip We’re into the second week of July of a very special year. If you haven’t planned your summer vacation there’s still time. Isn’t there a better way to continue celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday than with the quintessential Canadian road trip? Whatever your interest; nature, hiking, whale watching, wildlife, […]

It’s Barbecue Season!

The weather’s perfect and the thought of steak or burgers on the barbecue leaves your mouth watering. You’ve got the perfect cut of meat, rubs, sauces and tools to make a great meal, but have you thought about the barbecue safety tips to keep you safe to enjoy the meal? The biggest risk of fire […]

My Tree, My Problem?

Trees, they add beauty and give shade, but they also bring up popular questions for our agents and brokers – “What happens if my tree falls onto my neighbour’s house? What happens if the neighbour’s tree falls onto my house?” For most, the answer is simple. If your tree falls onto your neighbour’s house, your […]

Extension cords: safety first!

Extension cords can be a necessary tool for temporary power. They key word in the previous sentence was ‘temporary’. All too often, items are plugged in temporarily with the best intentions to update wiring. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen causing potential fire risks. We’ve seen fires caused by the unsafe use of extension cords. Some common […]