Patti Nahrgang-Giroux


62 Woodstock St. S
Tavistock, ON N0B 2R0
Residential Phone: 519-655- 2955
Office Phone: 519-655- 2011

About Patti

Patti has been with South Easthope Mutual Insurance since 2009. She began working with her dad as he was transitioning into retirement from his time as an agent with South Easthope. Their 25 plus years of dinner table conversation was her introduction; and the opportunity to work and learn alongside him began her education. It allowed her to meet and get to know members and the company he took pride in. Patti now shares this same pride.

Patti’s love of rural areas and small towns comes from many years of riding the school bus. She knows that persistence and hard work pays off from growing up on, and working with her family on their 200 acre pig farm near Listowel. She now lives in Tavistock and is the Mom to two wonderful daughters.

Insurance isn’t something you can see, touch, smell or taste. It’s words on paper. It’s a promise. Patti feels it is her job to help people understand how it works. She knows no two people, or properties are ever the same. Patti is the person who wants to listen and see what makes your home, farm or business unique. Then she makes the plan – this is what she does best.

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