G.H. Kaufmann Hotel

The G.H. Kaufmann Hotel in Sebastopol, Ontario, was the location of the organizational meeting of The Mutual Fire Insurance Company of the Township of South Easthope. It took place on October 6, 1871.

Proprietor George Henry Kaufmann served as recording secretary for the election of the first Board of Directors, writing the minutes in German.

On December 28, 1871, the newly elected Board reassembled at the Kaufmann Hotel to commence business. Landowners from the townships of South Easthope, East Zorra and West Zorra presented themselves for membership in the mutual.

  • 92 policies totaling $125,375 of insurance risk were recorded in the ledger with a premium note commitment of 5% totaling $6,268.75.

The first member to sign up was John Klein. Kaufmann was number 92.

George Kaufmann assisited as Secretary until 1874. He later served as an Auditor for the company.