7 Ways to Prevent Basement Flooding

The one in 100 year storms that drop copious amounts of water in a short period of time seem to be happening much more often. They  wreak havoc for homeowners. The sudden deluges of water are flooding basements and cause expensive damage.

The South Easthope Mutual claims team has offered some tips to help avoid basement flooding damage.

  • Clean your eavestroughs, making sure they are clear of leaves and other debris so they don’t overflow.
  • Downspouts drain water away from your home. They should extend at least six feet from your foundation.
  • Ensure you have proper grading and the water drains away from the foundation.
  • Maintain the windows in your basement. Make sure they are closed.
  • Clean debris out from exterior window wells so water will drain well.
  • Check that your sump pump is working properly and maintain it.
  • Store items in your basement up off the floor and/or in waterproof containers that are weighed down.

For more tips, visit the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

Preventing water damage is key. Everyone wins when members do their part to prevent losses.  When you do have a claim, we are there for you and every member shares in your loss.


Protect Your Home with Overland Flood Protection Insurance

Overland Flood Protection Insurance is a new product that South Easthope Mutual offers as part of most home insurance policies. Overland flooding is water that runs on the surface of the ground. The insurance protects against sudden and accidental floods and entrance of water into your home. It does not cover water seeping through foundation walls and floors.

Coverage may already be included on your policy. If you are unsure if you have the coverage, would like to add it to your policy or have questions about what is covered and what isn’t, talk to your South Easthope Mutual agent or broker.  To find their contact click here.

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