Let’s Talk About Shingles…

No, not the virus that causes painful skin rashes, but the kind that protect our homes; roof shingles. They have been a bit of a problem lately as our claims team has received some reports about wind damage to shingles and water damage resulting from leaks through shingles.

The biggest cause of roof and shingle issues is the deterioration and aging of the shingles. If you notice shingles are starting to curl, deteriorate in general, fall off or have moss growing on them, it’s time to have your roof replaced.

You may ask, “How can I help extend the life of my roof?”.

Excellent Ventilation

Keeping air moving above and under your roof should make it last longer. Lack of air movement will cause deterioration and encourage moss growth.

If the ceiling under the roof is angled, there should be 8-12 inches between the drywall and the roof to allow the air to move through more freely.

Some roofs have vents going into the attic. They need to be properly maintained and kept free of debris such as leaves. Attics ideally should be the same temperature as outside. The attic insulation should not be up against the roof sheathing preventing proper ventilation.

Any bubbles that you notice in the shingles or missing shingles should be looked at by a professional.

Keep Roofs Clean and Protected

Your roof’s job is to protect your house from the elements, but you need to help protect it. Keep trees trimmed back from roofs to allow for air to move more freely above the roof. If it’s always in the shade, moisture can accumulate making shingles a great place for moss growth.

Trees should also be trimmed so branches are not touching the roof and rubbing on shingles. This can wear shingles out prematurely.

“Is my roof still in good condition or needing repair?” If you’re asking yourself this question, please contact a reputable roofer for an opinion. Ask family or friends for a recommendation if you don’t know one.

Roofs do wear out and need to be replaced. If your roof is getting close to its life expectancy and you are unsure of the condition, again, contact a reputable roofer for an opinion. There are many different grades of roofs and they last for different amounts of time.

Keeping your roof in good repair benefits you and all policyholder members at South Easthope Mutual. We are all stronger when everyone does their part in preventing claims. Please contact your South Easthope Mutual agent or broker if you have any questions about insurance coverage on roofs.

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