Windy Weather Tips

The storm from the weekend of April 14-15, 2018 brought wind, rain, freezing rain and sleet. It seemed like Mother Nature didn’t really know what she wanted to do! Either way, the storm downed many powerlines, trees and branches leaving many without power. Hydro and road crews were kept hopping.
The strong winds got us to thinking about ways to protect yourself and property before and after storms hit. Check out these tips:

• Secure items in place around your property that could blow away or cause damage by blowing into something – trampolines, patio furniture, BBQs on wheels, basketball nets etc.
• If you have a barn or shed, make sure all doors are closed securely to avoid being caught in the wind and damaged or allowing water to get in.
• When storms are predicted, take extra time to make sure house windows and doors are closed.
• But, if tornados are predicted, leave windows open just slightly to avoid damage from pressure changes.
• Make sure your roof is in good condition. High winds can damage shingles and expose your roof to water damage.
• If you have trees and shrubbery around your property, keep them well-trimmed and remove branches that could cause damage.
• Install a stand-alone home genset generator (min 10 kw) that runs on natural gas. It provides power if the hydro goes out.
• If you have a portable generator, always have fuel in it. You will also want to keep extra fuel in an approved container as your local gas station may not have power in an outage. If the generator is gas or diesel-powered, don’t run it in your garage. That brings on the danger of carbon monoxide (CO).

After the Storm
• Be aware of downed powerlines. Keep away from them. If they’re on your property, supervise children well.
• Place tarps or other coverings on damaged property to prevent further losses.
• Use caution around heavily damaged structures. They may be not be sturdy and safe.

Storms and whatever Mother Nature sends with them are inevitable. They key is to be prepared. If you ever have any loss prevention questions, don’t hesitate to contact the South Easthope Mutual loss prevention team. They are here to help.

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