Dress Down Fridays

Every Friday, South Easthope Mutual employees live our value of ‘community’ and help their neighbours. Thy have the option of paying $2 to wear jeans to the office. Throughout the year the funds are collected and each December, employees choose where to donate the money raised. For 2018, our employees decided to donate teddy bears […]

147th Annual General Meeting News

The 147th Annual General Meeting of South Easthope Mutual Insurance Company was held on Friday March 1, 2019 at Grace United Church hall in Tavistock. Dave Crane, our 2018 Chairperson, lead the 71 attendees through the proceedings of the meeting. We were fortunate to have the Honourable Ernie Hardeman, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural […]

Preventing Slips and Falls this Winter

It’s been quite the winter. We’ve seen mild temperatures followed by a deep freeze, ice storms and snow. Basically a typical winter in Canada. The weather extremes leave conditions that can make our properties hazardous for slips and falls. As a property owner, you are responsible for making sure that your property is safe. You […]

Seasonal vehicles and winter storage

Seasonal vehicles; camper trailers, motor homes and cars, they’re all used for summer fun, but are often stored in the winter. Some townships in our area even have by-laws that prohibit camper trailers from sitting in driveways through the winter season. People may choose to store seasonal vehicles outside in secured storage facilities while others […]

12 Days of Holiday Fire Safety

We love the festivities that come along with Christmas. A time to celebrate with family and friends – parties, family, gifts, decorating or perhaps a getaway or holidays. It’s also a time that people can potentially let their guard down and the risk of fire increases. The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs has provided a […]

Distracted Driving Laws Changing Jan. 1, 2019

Do you still text and drive? Or how about pick up your phone to read a message, dial to make a call home or enter a new destination on your GPS? Despite already stiff fines and penalties, collisions and deaths on the road due to distracted driving continue to increase. More is needed to be […]

Woodstove Fire Prevention

It looks like winter’s here and your furnace will be running to keep your home warm. In addition to furnaces for heating, many South Easthope Mutual members have woodstoves  in their homes and shops. Improperly installed and/or poorly maintained woodstoves pose a very significant fire hazard to the buildings where they are installed and your […]

Farm Insurance Coverages to Consider

South Easthope Mutual was originally organized and founded by farmers in 1871. They came together to form the company to mutually protect their property from fire. Everyone shared in the risk. Farms are now considered businesses and have certainly evolved in the last century and a half, as have the insurance products developed for farms. […]

Look. Listen. Learn. – Fire Prevention Week 2018

The second week of October brings us Fire Prevention Week. A time where we are reminded to be aware and extra vigilant about fire safety. This year’s theme is ‘Look. Listen. Learn. Be Aware. Fire can happen anywhere.’ Annually, the Office of the Fire Marshall and Emergency Management provides theme-specific tips that are easy and […]

Tenant’s Insurance – ‘Why do I need it?’

Every now and again, we hear in the news about fires or broken water pipes affecting apartment buildings and rental units. Tenants can be forced out for a period of time while their unit is being repaired. Sometimes units are completely destroyed, including all of the tenant’s belongings. It may be hard to believe, but […]